Arizona Sunshine Lemon Pie

Caramel Brownie Cheesecake

Simple cubed steaks

Crispy Apple Pastry

Broccoli Cheese Patties

Spinach Stuffed Pastry

This is the only cake I’ll eat during Christmas time! It’s that good and easy!

My nana used to make this when I was growing up. It still slaps today!

Spaghetti with Tacos for Dinner

My Amish friend let me taste this dish, and I was hooked instantly!

Life just got easier. I can’t believe I found this recipe! Life-saver and so tasty!

Cake with pecans and caramel from the southern region

My Nana and aunties used to make this when I was young

"Oh wow, you need to remember this one!" - The first thing my husband said after trying this, haha.

Delicious Filled Pancakes for Breakfast, Chinese-Inspired

Simple cake recipe with only 3 ingredients.This recipe is named 'Are You Kidding Me Cake'.

I made this dish for a party, and it disappeared quickly!

Tacos with Potatoes and Green Peppers

Dinner doesn't need to be complicated to taste good. All you need is 3 ingredients!

Indulge in Weight Loss Bliss with a Belly-Fat Burning Salad Highlighting Cabbage, Carrots, and Apples

Butterfinger Balls

Old-Fashioned Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Recipe for a very creamy lemon pudding

Lemon Garlic Chicken Bites

Teriyaki Chicken Cooked Slowly

Pineapple Pavê With Coconut

Homemade Angels Cookies

I enjoy creating these and giving them as presents! What's the best thing? You don't need to bake!

Macaroni and Corn Bake